Welcome to Spider 3.0

An opportunity to testify your web skills

SPIDER 3.0 : The Web Crawler

ISTE BITS is back with SPIDER 3.O. It is a front end web development competition for all the learners out there who dream of building a website of their own. This event is designed to boost your learning of basic web development through a more practical approach, something which our current education system lacks.

Participate for a better learning experience. Participate to showcase your skills.

  • Spider 3.0: The Web Crawler is a Front-End Development Event
  • National level web development event.
  • Promoting practical knowledge.
  • Participate and win exciting prizes.
  • No expensive domain/hosting required for participation.
  • If you are a beginner get your first website validated by experts

Why to Participate

Reason 1

To break the monotony and engage in something innovative, meaningful and productive. To brush your web development skills on a huge platform.

Reason 2

To gain knowledge and experience. Spider 3.0 will definitely challenge you to push your boundaries and help you think out of the box.

Reason 3

Show your innovation to the experts and also get an opportunity to interact and gain experience form the professionals.

How to Participate

Team Formation...

Form a team (solo or duo). An ideal combination for this can be the duo of a developer and a content writer.

Idea Submission...

  • Choose one theme.
  • Register yourself through the Registration Link before 11:59 PM on 5 September, 2021.
  • Submit your code in zip format by via email to istebitsbh01@gmail.com or spider@istebits.com before 11:59 PM on 9 November, 2022.
  • Upload your code on free services like AWS and Google Firebase.
    • Aid will be provided throughout the event by our technical team.

NOTE: Do not buy expensive domain or hosting for the event.

Final Submission...

  • Upgrade your code if selected in Top 20.
  • Upgradation Period: 14 November to 17 November.

Final Results...

Final results will be posted within a week after the completion of event on our socialmedia handles. Follow our pages to stay updated.

The links of our social media handels are provided at the end of the page.

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Rules and Regulations

Business Landing Site

Create a landing site for small businesses, like restaurants, medicine stores, furniture shop. Show the products or services offered by them to attract customers.

An Example:A landing site for medicine store which displays discounts given by them. It can also include a page which generates bill if some medicines are collected.

An Informative Site

With the given problem statement or any topic of your choice create an informative website which describes the problem, analyses it, and provides a solution.

  • Change in Education Policy

    Lately, we have witnessed a great revolution in the education system with changes in the pattern and hierarchy of the tutelage. Discuss the changes in the education system and compare it with the traditional methods bringing out the pros and cons of both in contributing to the future of country.

  • Future Technology Advancements

    Design a website that presents a clear image of the future. It may include our energy resources in the future, transportation methods, scientific advancement and so on. You can also elaborate the implementation of electric vehicle and their charging infrastructure.

  • Technology in a Retrospective

    As the world has drastically changed from one-to-one interactions to virtual meetings. Use of technology has become a pinnacle point during this tough time. Research and list down some of the great evolutions of technology that uncouples the past from present.

  • Climate Change

    Climate change and pollution pose an impending danger to life as we know it now. The plastic in the sea is choking the marine life, the poison in the rivers is killing the wildlife. Due to this a number of animal species are either extinct or endangered. Design a website that analyses this global calamity and propose the necessary changes to deal with it.

A portfolio Site

Create a portfolio site where you can showcase your work in your respective fields of interest. Add what skills are known to you. The ultimate purpose of your portfolio website is to provide a way for you to land more potential clients by impressing them with your company's/your work .

Anything Under The Sun

Give your theme a name and explain it.

An Example: Drench,a simple web game ,which gives you a board with different colored titles,and you use the buttons to flip the colors around.

You can host your website on platforms like:
  • AWS
  • GitHub
  • Google Firebase
  • Heroku
  • Or any other platform of your choice

Note: Please do not turn on paid services of any of these platforms, as neither they nor ISTE is liable to pay you back for any expenses.

Send your hosted code to us in compressed zip file to istebitsbh01@gmail.com or spider@istebits.com and wait for furthur instructions.

Your website will be judged on the following basis:

  • Whether your website is completely front end or not.
  • Originality of your code and content.
  • Appearance - Does your website excite viewers?
  • Creativity: Unleash your creativity and impress the judges.
  • Interlinking within same page.
  • Error free link / site- Whether relevant links open in another window or not.
  • Use of optimized images.
  • Mention of ISTE BITS in your code.
  • Onsite SEO of your code and articles.
  • How dry your code is.
  • Functionality of web app (if any).

Q) What is the duration of the event?

  • The event, Spider 3.0 will last for 25 days. First 10 days to register your team and 5 more days to send your code and a link of your hosted site (if any). 4 days is an upgradation period for top 20.

Note: Register yourself as soon as possible so that we can help you with any query you face while this event.

Q) Is it open to all?

  • Yes, it is open for all. For detailed information refer the rulebook.

Q) Till when can I register?

  • The registration are open till 11:59 PM IST on 4 November 2022. All you have to do is click here to register. No registration will be allowed after that. Choose one theme and register ASAP.

Q) Whom should I contact in case of a query?

  • Submit your query at spider@istebits.com, istebitsbh01@gmail.com or you can contact our support team listed below. Explain your problem in detail. You can also aid your query with images. We are more than happy to help you.

Q) Is there any kind of payment required for the participation?

  • No, it’s free of charge. There are no hidden charges.

Q) Why should I register ASAP?

  • Registration will be considered as an acknowledgement that you want to participate in this event. It will help you in establishing a direct connection with us. So, choose one of the themes and register ASAP.

Q) What is the last date of submission of the code?

  • Last date for registration and submission coincides i.e., you must mail your code and link to your hosted website before 11:59 PM on 9 November, 2022. Only top 20 teams will get a chance to upgrade their code.

Best of Last Year

First Position


Manzil is a front-end website designed by Amtul and Raghav from Army Institute of Technology.

Manzil is a portal that provides the students from Schools, Under Graduate and Post Graduate programs and the students with some work experience with all the internships, scholarships and hackathon opportunities at one place stacked together based on the times the application comes up and the last dates to grab the opportunity.

The website bagged first position as it was an excellent website showcasing tremendous potential according to the judges.

Second Position


CareerCoach is a front-end website designed by Lakshay Karnwal and Abhirup Singh from University of British Columbia.

CareerCoach is a service founded with the aim of bridging the gap between students and professions that cater the world today.

The judging pannel loved the CSS and the color contrast of the website. The CSS of the site was well appriciated and the site was very convenient for students according to the judges.

Third Position

Hack Foss

Hack Foss is a front-end website designed by Charu Sachdeva and Shagun Goyal from Chitkara University, Punjab.

Hack Foss is a website which comes up with new policies for education of students. It has serctions dedicated for school education, higher education and teachers education.

It was a fluent website with minimum bugs and errors. It's login page and transformation impressed the judging pannel.

What Participants Said...

I participated in Spider: The Web Crawler because I wanted to work on an exciting new project, not only did I end up making a website from scratch, I also had a great time working with my friend Abhirup. Well over all I had a wonderful experience and I wish BIT Sindri all the very best for Spider 2.0.

Lakshay Karnwal

Computer Science Engineering

University of British Columbia

Last year I participated in Spider: The Web Crawler, and it was a great event. Moreover the judges helped me to rectify my mistakes and also helped us to undrstand how to improve ourselves. Not only that, the organisers were also very helpful and they co-operated with every needs. I learned many things about building a website because of the event.

Jaideep Day

Jadavpur University


Participating in SPIDER 2.0 was a wonderful experience. Our team had participated in the previous version as well, and this one was just as fun! We liked how smooth the event process was, and the themes were quite relevant to real-life scenarios. The judging panel was exemplary, and the competition was really exciting! Looking forward to it next year as well!

Mayank Gupta

Maharaja Agarsen Institute of Technology

I participated in Spider: The Web Crawler last year and it was an amazing experience. Very few platforms provide college students to celebrate our talent of web development as effectively as Spider. The judging pannel also helped me understand my mistake and I learned a lot from the judges too. It was a truly enriching experience.

Gaurav Kumar

Computer Science Engineering

BIT Mesra

Spider: The Web Crawler was an amazing event. I learnt so much by participating in it. I would like to extend my thanks to ISTE BITS for organising such an outstanding event. I am looking forward to participating in Spider 2.0.

Shruti Singh

Electronics and Communication Engineering

MNNIT Allahabad

Spider was an amazing and exciting event, I managed to create a front-end website from scratch and learned many thing. I even got an audience of some great developers who judged my website and taught me few things. I am eagerly waiting for Spider 2.0 and would like to thanks ISTE BITS for the great opportunity.

Siddhartha Mishra

Mechanical Engineering

BIT Mesra